FFmpeg and Azure Media Services

Today I was preparing some video material for upload onto the Azure Media Services portal. Since MXF format is not supported as source for Azure Media Services I did transcode it with ffmpeg. I uploaded the videos but every encode job would fail with this error

Encoding task
UserInput : File type or codec not supported.

I checked again and again:

  • mp4 container: supported
  • aac audio, various profiles: supported
  • h264 video, various profiles: supported

But every encode task would fail. It turns out that ffmpeg encodes video in a 4:2:2 bitplane format by default but Azure supports only 4:2:0. By adding the option
-pix_fmt yuv420p
the the ffmpeg command line Azure encodes the videos resulting without any issue

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  1. Christiano,

    If you are using the Azure portal primarily, your encoding jobs are going to the older encoder still. That will be updated on 1/20. After that date all jobs will go to the Media Encoder Standard which supports MXF with 4:2:2

    If you have access to a Windows machine, you can submit the same job through our Azure Media Explorer tool. http://aka.ms/AMSE

    It will allow you to encode with our latest encoder.

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